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We are developing the next generation of biomarker test technology for healthcare providers and people living with diabetes and other metabolic conditions.  Our novel magnetic resonance system, myScanLabTM, is custom-designed for testing metabolite biomarkers such as glucose and cholesterol from a simple finger scan. Unlike a finger prick test meter or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) our device tests without breaking the skin and requires no disposable test strips or sensors.  Our solution will advance testing at point-of-care organizations such as primary care practices and senior living facilities by lowering recurring costs and improving patient outcomes.
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes screening
  • Sepsis detection and diagnosis
  • Diabetes management
  • Food and drug forensics
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Sobriety testing
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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)

Our MRS testing method enables non-invasive tests of glucose and other metabolites by scanning a finger. U.S. Patent No. 11,237,237.

Ultra Low Noise

Novel spectrometer and probe designs achieve extremely low noise for optimal measurement sensitivity yielding fast and accurate tests for point-of-care medicine.  photo credit

Metabolite Signal Processing

Our proprietary RF excitation pulse sequence and DFT based resonance signal processing specific to glucose represents a major advance for accurate MRS testing.

High Spectral Resolution

Patent pending gradient shimming technology achieves excellent magnetic field uniformity and spectral resolution for biomarker test specificity.

Magnet Array Design

Our patent pending magnet array design improves field strength to volume/weight relative to traditional Halbach arrays enabling a portable and more ergonomic form factor.

Novel NMR Probe Design

Spatially uniform high power circularly polarized RF excitation and high sensitivity I/Q signal reception with a probe designed for in vivo measurements.

Why choose aTTEST

We provide measurement results you can count on.

1 Flexible solutions

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) provides quantitation of many metabolites used as biomarkers in clinical medicine.

2 Proven science

MRS research has detected over 40 metabolites in vitro and up to 15 in vivo.

3 High reliability

Attest's team has decades of experience designing chip test equipment for 24/7 operation in factories around the world.

4 Better patient outcomes

Our networked test solutions support telehealth to improve patient access and clinical decision making.

our Solutions

We are developing a portable, accurate, and convenient to use device for testing biomarkers used in the screening, diagnosis, and management of metabolic conditions like diabetes.  For many people with or at risk for diabetes the required glucose test frequency is too high to be acceptable with finger prick testing but not high enough to justify a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).  Using our non-invasive devices to conduct more frequent spot-testing for screening and optimal condition management enables lifestyle interventions shown to prevent diabetes in 6 of 10 people with pre-diabetes.

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